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No doubt you may have heard of the call Cover craft while inspect automobile covers. This is due to the fact Cover craft have earned themselves the name of being the leading manufacturers of vehicle covers and other car covers. No count what vehicle you personal, Cover craft boast that they’ve a cover for it.

Not best that, they will additionally have the appropriate cover befitting the climate that you live in. Every weather has one-of-a-kind climate situations. You will consequently need to be sure that the cover you buy will fit your needs, and shield you from the weather to your environment. You additionally absolute confidence, want to be sure that you are not buying protecting characteristics which you do no longer need. Cover craft have, consequently, a extensive variety of covers with distinctive combos of varieties of safety, in order that there will continually be one for all of us.

How do Cover craft manipulate this? This is something that astounds everyone. Every single one among their clients are happy with the goods as there is this type of huge variety. No one is disappointed. For many years now, Cover craft were getting to know the diverse substances, and inspecting their additives. They had been capable of pick out the substances which could offer the necessary protection, without the want for plenty treatment, if at all. In this way, Cover craft can make certain sturdiness and nice. Covers which are evidently proof against climate conditions are more long lasting and will not wear away with time, like treated fabric do. Hence you can make sure that your cowl will last you an entire life.

Often, Cover craft can even manufacture the fabrics themselves, as opposed to using off-the-shelf products. This is some other dimension to ensuring that the cover that reaches you, is pinnacle satisfactory in all approaches.

Cover craft ensure that every one of the fabrics that they use for covers are breathable. Even while the car is included, it will be capable of breathe and sweat, without getting steamed up and mouldy. Air and moisture can be allowed out via the cloth at the same time as concurrently, the quilt is completely water resistant.

Cover craft like to make their covers consumer-friendly, therefore the covers are elasticized at each the front and rear of the quilt. This is to offer extra of a stretch and maneuverability at the same time as placing a=on and starting off, however nonetheless making sure that there are not any spaces for something to creep in when the car is blanketed. The covers may also be gadget washable (although some will advise industrial). This manner both your vehicle and its cowl will constantly appearance easy and chic.


So far, the Kia Stinger was the big difference with only two engines in the catalog, a diesel of 200 hp and a gasoline of 360 hp. The Korean brand today announces the arrival of the 255 hp four-cylinder petrol engine block, which until now has been reserved for certain markets, such as the United States. At the press conference on the occasion of the Kia Stinger tests, the Korean manufacturer confirmed to us that the intermediate engine gasoline had no reason to be introduced on the European market because too close in CO2 emissions of the V6, which is ultimately more interesting tax. The manufacturer changes its mind and announces today the arrival of the 255-hp four-cylinder T-GDI 2.0 under the hood of the large Korean sedan. This block is only associated with the eight-speed automatic transmission and … with the rear transmission! Unlike the V6, which must automatically be coupled to the four-wheel drive. The Kia Stinger with the small petrol engine should be significantly lighter (200 kg less!) And long live the most powerful version. Kia announces far from ridiculous performances with a 0 to 100 km / h in six seconds all round. The price of this variant starts at € 49,800, the price of the diesel four-wheel drive version. It is also € 10,000 cheaper than the Stinger V6. Unfortunately, with 190 g / km of CO2, the intermediate petrol version gets the maximum penalty.

Kia unveils the Stinger GTS at the New York show

The Stinger is still alive, we would almost forget it on this side of the Atlantic. In the United States, where she is more popular, she pursues her career with a limited edition GTS that features a drift-mode all-wheel drive, and a few other modifications. The Stinger is very confidential in France, and it must be said that it accumulates the “defects” for a European and hexagonal market centro-centered on the SUV: it is a sedan, it is rather imposing, it is relatively expensive and its CO2 emissions stick to it a maximum penalty. Not easy, therefore, to stand out, but Kia knew it. On the other side of the Atlantic, the situation is different. This is a limited edition of 800 copies, and unlike other manufacturers who are content with a painting and stickers, here there are real mechanical changes.

The four-door coupe: the lifeline of abandoned sedans

The good old dad’s sedan are nerdy. The cure for reconciling customers with sedans?The 4-door coupe or the coupe sedan. All brands are rushing into the trend, for good and less good reasons. They tumble everywhere. From the Mercedes CLS (the pioneer) to the Volkswagen Arteon , the Kia Stinger , the Audi A7 Sportback and soon the Peugeot 508  : the manufacturers have eyes only for them: the sedans cut. And we imagine that in Renault design studios, or Laurens Van Den Acker reigns supreme, we also ask the question: the future Talisman must she follow the trend? Since the sedan is marketed for three years already and that the teams of the diamond inevitably work on the one that will succeed him. Same fight at Ford for the succession of the Mondeo and at Opel for the Insignia. Project meetings are similar from one brand to another, and dialogues must be identical. We have a problem, guys. The sedans are old-fashioned, so connoted senior citizens that even older people do not want more, nor companies, by the way. They only buy SUVs. Any ideas ?

– And if we made them a coupe 4 doors, chief?

– Precise, Yvan, precise.

– Ben we would give them the illusion of driving a sportswoman, in a low box. They would feel rejuvenated. Obviously, they would have fewer seats in the back since it would be a truncated sedan.

– You’re right. And in addition, one would save while going away of amounts of doors. It would sell at the same price, see a bit more expensive than a classic sedan.

– Make pay too expensive and a little more to lose space, we know how to do, chief. We managed to sell crossovers instead of minivans, with less habitability.

– Excellent my little Yvan. You will come to see me after the receipt for your 2018 bonus.

Thus is born a tendency. But also a decline in design, at least as we know it, roughly, since the Bauhaus, the Berlin school of the twenties, who had put the design of an object, a product or an architecture in the service of man, not the other way around. With this new genre, it is up to the man, especially if he is a basketball player, to adapt and curl up behind the sedans.For details regarding 27 ft travel trailer cover click here.

Advanced or retreat?

Obviously, we can retort that the dezincification in the rules of this new automotive trend is tinged with an ounce of bad faith. And we will, in part, be right. Because the sedan-coupe is good. To be convinced, let’s go back to the meeting. That of the commission “environment, rescue of the planet and green marketing” of a manufacturer, always during the phase of creation of a coupe model with four doors.

Well, guys, how can we highlight the green side of this car? Any ideas ?

– Easy chef. Unlike an SUV with anvil design and sperm whale weight, our coupe coupe is lightweight and aerodynamic.

– So what ?

– Ben, it consumes less and when you need to change tires, no need to loot all the rubber from the Amazon.

– Excellent my little Yvan.

– Except that many motorists make fun of the ecology as their first glow plug, chief.

– Then we talk to them touch road, zero roll and better comfort than on their Norman cabinets not even 4×4. On the other hand, it is useless to come to see me after the interview: the environment does not appear in your annual objectives. The Stinger GTS takes over the all-wheel drive of the sedan, but with profiling more focused on propulsion (100% of the power can be transmitted to the rear). The Stinger GTS is also entitled to a new rear locking differential and … a drift mode. A feature a little similar to what is found on some AMG models and the Ford Focus. The drift mode makes it possible to maintain a sliding ratio, thus preventing the automatic transmission from shifting to higher gear. Interesting fact: Kia announces that modifications to the GTS can be made to the two-wheel drive version of the Stinger.

5 Different Kia Stinger Logo Replacement Sets

As far as performance sedans go, they don’t come much better than the Kia Stinger. This is a vehicle that looks great and which delivers a truly sporty driving experience. The Stinger is hard to miss on the road, with owners telling us that they are frequently praised about their choice of ride.

Kia Stinger Emblems & Logo Replacement Sets

Stinger emblem and center wheel caps set having E-logo

Wheel center cap covers

Rear lamp black carbon logo decal sticker

E steering wheel horn cap emblem

Stinger lettering emblem badge for rear trunk

  1. E logo, Stinger emblem &center wheel caps set

The round E logo is designed for the front hood, while the Stinger signature badge is made for round back. There are also 4 E logo wheel caps that look great in the center of the alloy wheels.

  1. E wheel center cap cover

Some of you will almost certainly want to keep the original Kia logos on the hood and trunk intact. You can still enhance the looks of your sports sedan with a set of Kia Stinger E alloy wheel cap covers. These great looking accessories are incredibly easy to install, although we should note that the ones shown here are for the 19-inch alloy wheels! There is a set available for the 18-inch wheels, so be sure to select the right ones before you make your purchase final.

  1. Rear lamp black carbon logo decal sticker

One of the most outstanding features on the Kia Stinger are its signature taillights. These lights extend from the rear of the vehicle around to the side. If you are not a real fan of that look, there are some carbon covers that can fit over the side part of the lighting design.

  1. E steering wheel horn cap emblem

Take the new look of your Kia Stinger inside with this fantastic looking one-piece logo that fits on your steering wheel. This one is designed to fit snugly over the existing logo without physically needing to remove it.

  1. Stinger lettering emblem badge for trunk

This is the Kia Stinger signature emblem, which has been designed to replace the oval Kia logo that comes with the vehicle. This change is a little trickier to pull off, although there is a video on YouTube that shows you exactly how to do so.

Kia Stinger GTS Launched With DRIFT mode

The Kia Stinger has proven to be a real treat for driving enthusiasts, but the Koreans are taking it up a notch. This is no concept model, though, with production set to commence in the summer this year.

Kia Stinger GTS limited edition model gains D-AWD

Kia Stinger limited edition orange color

The first difference is that the D-AWD includes a mechanical limited slip differential in the rear axle, as well as one-of-a-kind torque distribution settings for use in different drive modes. Comfort mode see’s 60% of the power in back, with 80% going rearwards in Sport mode. Slip into Drift mode and 100% of the power goes to the rear of the 2019 Kia Stinger GTS. The electronic controls have also been reprogrammed so that the vehicle will know when a driver is heading into drift mode, with “Counter Steer Detection” used to manage stability control, this ensuring that the 8-speed transmission will not prematurely upshift when a driver is drifting.

3,3L twin turbo V6 engine specs

Under the hood of the 2019 Kia Stinger GTS is a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that cranks out 365-hp and 376-lb.-ft. of torque, making it easy to slide the vehicle into drifts. While there is also an RWD version of the Stinger GTS available, it’s the D-AWD version that is sure to be more appealing to drivers who want to switch between 2- and 4-wheel drive by simply pushing a button.

Stinger GTS painted in Federation Orange exterior color

Kia Stinger GTS carbon fiber grille

It’s not just all mechanical tweaks for the new Kia Stinger GTS, though, as there are some cool visual upgrades on board, too. More carbon fiber is used on the exterior, while a GTS badge and a Stinger logo show up on what is a rather glorious Federation Orange paint job. On the inside, you will find a wireless phone charger, a suede headliner, an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, and a killer 720-watt Harman Kardon sound system.

Exterior enhancements:

Exclusive exterior color called Federation orange

Carbon fiber parts that outline the signature Stinger GTS tiger nose grille, side mirror caps & side vents

GTS rear emblem &center Stinger emblem, which replaces the Kia logo on the trunk lid

Interior upgrades:

Steering wheel and center console swathed in Alcantara headliner

Blanketed in premium suede-like Chamude


720-watt Harman Kardon premium audio system

Wireless charger for compatible smartphones

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